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Custom Tours & More

 New England is our specialty since 1994 – We live it, we breathe it, we know it inside out!

Our priorities:

  • 100% customized packages
  • Safety and attention to detail
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Exclusive tour components
  • Our extraordinary local guides


Since 1994, Custom Tours & More (formerly Custom Tours, Inc.) has been recognized as a leading Receptive Tour Operator & Meeting Planner for the Northeast Region, covering Vermont and New England, Eastern Canada, and even Scotland.

We are your vehicle for a worry-free, effortless, and exclusive tour product. Our image is one of integrity, consistency, dedication, and never-ending, unsurpassed customer care.

Travel is amazing and FUN!  It brings people from different parts of the world together, broadens one’s horizons, builds new, and nurtures existing relationships.  Travel opens one’s eyes  to the cultures, quirks,  and traditions of a region, offering a new perspective, and allowing one to appreciate some of the things at home they may take for granted.

I invite you to join us in New England, Eastern Canada, or even Scotland, for  intimate and unique glimpses into all these regions,  that you won’t find with any other receptive tour operator or DMO.   Our entire staff is genuine, caring, and extremely organized. We’ll arrange extra added components when we can, take care of all details with a meticulous eye, and handle special requests and changes with a smile.  We pride ourselves on being your silent partner, entrusted to make you look your best to your clients.  It’s a job we take seriously.

If you are searching  for a receptive tour professional  who will take the time to ask the important questions, to understand what your needs and those of your loyal travelers are, and then create that perfect package, look no further.  At Custom Tours & More we are known industry-wide for our innate ability to match the unique needs and desires of each and every client, thus offering the perfect itinerary that will insure your successes and repeat business with your travelers.

Guides Make A Difference:

“All too rarely encountered and destined as a group for extinction, Vermonters touch us in old-fashioned ways, with their directness, their humility, their wit, their ease with animals.” Our extraordinary guides will share the customs and traditions of the quirky, funny, deeply influenced by the place they live, New Englanders!

With our expertise, your touring options are endless! Allow us to do what we do best…create an unforgettable and exclusive touring experience cherished forever


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