Smith Quarry near Rock of Ages Visitor Center.

Rock of Ages Visitor Center

Rock of Ages Visitor Center

The Rock of Ages Visitors Center is eager to host your tour group. Their tour offers your guests a Vermont experience like no other that will stand out long after the tour is over. Convenient access, experienced guides, and friendly staff.

Experience “unexpected Vermont” at Rock of Ages. 2024 will mark the 100th anniversary of Rock of Ages offering guided quarry tours. The Rock of Ages Visitors Center offers four guided quarry tours Monday – Friday. Additional onsite activities include a viewing gallery overlooking the manufacturing line, videos and displays, the world’s only extant granite bowling lane, and free granite samples.

Group Policies & Rates: 2024 motorcoach rates: $6.50 per person, guides and drivers are comped. Payment due in advance or day of service, vouchers not excepted.

Highlighted Group Experience: A tour of the E.L. Smith granite quarry, the largest quarry of its type in the world is a uniquely memorable experience.