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Vermont Marble Museum

The Vermont Marble Exhibit offers self-guided tours focusing on the company’s history; the geology of marble and other local stones; and the uses of marble in art, architecture, and industry.

A short video and historical photographs narrate the history of the Vermont Marble Company. Vermont marbles are displayed throughout the exhibit. Several geologic exhibits, including an artificial cave and a preserved triceratops skeleton are also on display.

Numerous sculptures, including bas reliefs of nearly all the US Presidents, the Last Supper and other works are displayed throughout the museum. An artists’ studio allows visitors to watch carving demonstrations and ask questions of local sculptors. The architectural uses of marble are displayed in a small chapel and a modern kitchen and bathroom surfaced in stone.

Enjoy the town of Proctor with sidewalks made of marble, and numerous buildings are faced in local stone. Most of the buildings of the former Vermont Marble Company still stand, and many are constructed of Vermont marble.

The exhibit also contains an extensive gift shop and cafe containing marble goods, both local and imported, and visitors can inquire about the purchase and installation of marble counters and tile.

Dates of Operation:

Open May 23 – mid-October, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, daily. Buses are encouraged to enjoy the Museum, Gift Shop and Café.

Group Policy and Rates:

Group Rate is $4.50 for 10 or more, Reservations requested. 48 hour cancellation policy


Linda Doty, The Vermont Marble Museum,
52 Main Street, Proctor, Vermont 05765.
800-427-1396 or 802-459-2750 •